Club Number

Beginning with 1.1.2016 in all correspondence the club number of the inquiring club must be listed.
Correspondence without the club number can not be processed anymore. At the same time we
want to remind that sub clubs and single persons can contact the WCF office only via their main
club. Direct requests are not intended.

The Board



The “BEST CAT – Form” is available again immediately.

Admin WCF


Dear Members

The Board decision dated 30.09.2015 has been reworded in the light of ambiguous phraseology: The WCF is excellent
equipped with WCF judges specially trained in our system. Therefore no further judges permissions will be issued for
judges who did not proceed their exams in the WCF. An apprenticeship at one of the WCC member associations will be
treated equally like a WCF education. This Decision enters into force immediately and will be presented at the next
General Assembly for voting.

The Board

Explanatory we would like to add: Judges of World Cat Congress member associations can be invited as usual.
They are treated in the show-licensing like WCF judges as long as no individual decision of the board and the judge
Commission against such licensing exists. Non WCC judges may continue to be licensed with verification by the
judges’ commission and special permission by the Board for show-licenses.



On the basis of server problems “BEST CAT – Formular” is not available.

The Board


I would like to thank all of you very much for the birthday wishes
(whether they came by video, flowers, card or personal).

I am pleased that so many people in the world have had my jubilee in mind.

With best regards
Anneliese Hackmann


Note on the points system of WCF Best Cat

The points gained in WCF- Jubilee shows, which were announced to the board, will be counted double
The points gained in WCF-Worldshows will be counted double
The points gained in WCF Olimpia, will be counted triple

The Board



Mrs. Reiter will be away from the WCF office from Oct. 6th through Oct. 28th. Due to her absence,
delays will arise in the approval of catteries. We will handle your requests and send them back to
you as soon as possible. We would appreciate your understanding and your patience in this matter.

The Board


New email address for show results

Please use from now on the following email address for sending your show results:

Anneliese Hackmann
President WCF