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Dear presidents! Dear board members! Dear members of the commissions!

Our urgently desired General Assembly in January 2017 has thrown up a lot of work because the agenda contains subjects from six years.

The agenda is now available for you in the member area.

Please transfer the conference fee (65 Euro each person and each day) before on one of the accounts known to you.

In addition like every year at Christmas I would not like to miss to thank you in the name of the board for the work performed by you and support during the last year.

Thus I hope for your support to lead the WCF with your help to a modern and safe future and again to find time for the reason for which we have united in the WCF: Our Love to the cats and the attempt to reach the best possible for you and the cats.

I wish peace in these difficult times and wish you happy holidays and a good slide into the new year!

Anneliese Hackmann


GA 2017, room reservations hotel „Webers“

For the participants of the GA the hotel „Webers“ in RUHRTURM has blocked a quota of 30 single rooms at a price of 94 euros.
( – keyword: World Cat Federation in January 2017)

Rooms from this quota can only be booked until 21.11.2016 !


Invitation to the General Assembly 2017

Dear WCF – members,

We would like to invite you to the General Assembly of 19.01.2017 to 23.01.2017. The registration of the participants is conducted on Thursday the 19.01.2017 in time 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 pm.

Location: RUHRTURM, Huttropstr.60, 45138 Essen.

If a president does not represent his association, he can delegate one of the club members. The participation must be registered as well as a possible delegation at least 30 days in advance in the office. Please use therefore the attached form. Only fully and correctly completed forms will be accepted. Please send a photo of the president or the delegate as an attachment to the application by email or post to the WCF office in Essen, so that a subscriber identity can be created. The date of receipt of the complete and correct registration with a passport photo in the WCF office in Essen is relevant to the procedure laid down in the statutes deadline at least 30 days before the GA. Too late received applications will not be considered.

To register on Thursday please bring:

• your membership card of the WCF club which you belong to and which you possibly represent

• the writing of the delegation by the association with seal and signature in Original

• your identity card or passport

All participants in the GA must personally subscribe in the period from 3 to 6 pm in the foyer of the RUHRTURM in the list of participants.

Each delegate may bring a non-voting and not-talking authorized advisor. More Individual members of WCF associations be placed separately as a listener by prior arrangement. The hall is limited to 150 participants. If unannounced listeners appear, participation can in the worst case, due to the force of the hall safety regulations and occupancy limit, not be guaranteed.

The meeting of the committees and the Board will take place on Thursday 19.01.2017.

Please reserve and book your room yourself!

The hotel “Webers”, see the RUHRTURM

For the participants of the GV “Weber” a quota of 30 single rooms are blocked at a price of 94 euros. Breakfast must be ordered separately and costs 14 Euro. (keyword: World Cat Federation in January 2017)

If you do not receive a room at Hotel Weber, you will find a wide selection of various hotels in

If you need a visa, obtain this please yourselves.

The conference fee is 65 € per person / day. This includes two coffee breaks with coffee and tea and snacks or cakes and for lunch a 3 course lunch with a drink in the restaurant. The conference room of water and apple juice are available.

The conference package must, without exception, to be paid by each participant. The fee must be paid at least 30 days in advance to the account of the WCF or via PayPal to the WCF.

Reason for payment: GV-package, membership number, name(s) of the participant/s.

The receipt of payments in Essen is not possible, because there is no out cash during the GA.

Please keep in mind, to send us completed and signed the enclosed registration forms as soon as possible according to the statute § 14 not later than 30 days before the GA back.

You can elect this time all positions:


Secretary General

Treasurer 1.


2. Vice-President

Standard- and Judging Commission

Disciplinary Commission

Show Commission

Auditors (auditors)

Corresponding nominations of your club please submit until 60 days before the GA at the office on statutory behalf . Please nominate only candidate from your own club. Candidates from another club may be nominated for the costs incurred with the written consent of the club in question. Also keep in mind that the persons concerned must be sufficiently qualified for the respective office and be willing to volunteer work.

All proposals and applications* have to be sent in a proper form latest 60 days before the GA in good English, German and French. Strive please a translation agency if necessary. Non-understandable or motions with non-intelligible translations can not be accepted. All applications must be sent as a pdf file. All applications that are not written in the prescribed format, may not render correctly because has claimed the further processing of the agenda in recent years too much time and the amount of data increases exponentially in the processing of other formats.

* This includes all proposals and applications, which at the extraordinary GA 2012 (10.03.2012) and the GA 2012 (28-29.04.2012) were already treated or were sent during the period May 2012 to today.

The invitation is available for download for your records in our password protected area. You can request the password in the WCF office, if it is not available to you. The agenda and the plants on the applications will in due course also provided there.

The password may not be divulged to any person or entity.

La WCF ne pas responsable The GA will be held in the official language German. Please ensure that the delegates of the GA can follow linguistic or consultants if necessary are capable to translate for the delegates.

Anneliese Hackmann
WCF – President

Other important announcements:

The WCF website is our official organ. Please check the details of your club address regularly for gaps or erroneous information! Again and again, we note that addresses are no longer correct. Please note that you always first have to announce to the WCF office Food and the Secretary-General any change of address, like at the same time. In copy to the Commission concerned. At defective mail and postal addresses the WCF accepts no responsibility for delay or non-receipt of any correspondence.

Please note that there is absolutely no smoking during the meeting. Also prohibited is to use entrained laptops to play during the meeting. The devices are only authorized to provide notes or to retrieve information. Any photo, video and sound recordings require the prior approval of the Board.


Dear members,

for personal reasons, Mr. Möbius is as Secretary General not available until January 18, 2017.
During this time all incoming requests are processed by the WCF office.

Anneliese Hackmann
President WCF


Retired WCF clubs

Following clubs and their sub-clubs are no more WCF members:

RU-0149, CFC Cat Land Russia (from 01/01/2016)

RU-0131, POF (from 01/01/2016)

RU-0178, Kalinka (from 01/03/2016)

RU-0139, Samarskaja Luka (from 01/03/2016)

RU-0165, KEK Alisa-Best (from 01/03/2016)

RU-0160, IFC Felis (from 01/08/2016)

RU-0171, NF PK Rifey (from 01/08/2016)

WCF pedigrees and all further documents with WCF logo, issued after the date mentioned at the club, constitute a violation
of the trademark protection and must be immediately sent to the WCF office.

The Board


Prior notice to the General Assembly because of various requests

We would like to inform you about the scheduled date of the next meeting:

The registration and issuance of participants passes for registered persons will take place on 19.01.2017 (Thursday) and will end at 6 PM.

Processing of applications January 20, 2017 to January 23, 2017. The meeting takes place in Essen. Details follow.

The Board


Information from the judge’s commission

A new pre-exam is available. From now on, please only use this new pre-exam. You can request it from me.

Cornelia Hungerecker
Chairwoman Judges Commission (temporary)


Informations for sending of exhibition catalogs and protocols

Please indicate for better handling the following informations in the subject line of your eMail:

Number of license, organizing club including clubcode, date of exhibition

Following documents must be sent in a PDF file (may be separated by days), JPG files are admissible:

  1. The show catalog according to the show rules (including all data of the WCF board members, the license text, listed cats separated by days etc)
  2. Judges protocols (including name/stamp of the judges)
  3. Breed and special shows protocols (including results and name/stamp or signature of the judges)
    WCF Rings protocols (including results and name/stamp or signature of the judges)
  4. Best in Show nomination protocols per hair category and special/breed show (including signature of the judges)
  5. Best in Show protocols per hair category and special/breed show (including results per age class/gender and name/stamp or signature of the judges)
  6. Best of Best results

Please make sure that the documents include club name, date and place. Exhibition documents for others must include in addition the WCF logo.

Aija Nuke
Chairwoman Show Commission (temporary)


Information for judges

For their safety judges must make sure that the invitation is issued by the responsible main-club and not by a subclub, to avoid trouble with local authorities. (There have been several incidents in Russia).

The board of the WCF e.V.


Information about working with subclubs

For given reason we would like to remind you that subclubs may only contact the Executive Board through the board of their mainclub, which they are affiliated to. The pedigrees may only be issued by the mainclub. Mainclub and subclub must have identical pedigree look and identical information. The pedigrees must have a common database.

*All forms / documents / publications of subclubs must include the name and emblem of the mainclub

The mainclub is responsible for compliance with these rules!

Exhibitions can only be requested by the mainclub, the organization (for example, the invitation of the judges, payment the cost, etc.) is exclusively in the hands of the mainclub. The subclub can only be a named as a co-organizing auxiliary organ.

Board decision:

The exhibitions must be accompanied by a representative of the responsible mainclub* during the duration of the show (i.e., the representative must be present at the exhibition). The responsible representative (contact person for all matters) has to be named with the license request.

*A member of the board or another elected person in a responsible position in the main club

Subclubs are not accepted as co-organizer of shows, which need a special permission from the board.

The board of the WCF e.V.


The Board has taken the following decisions:

The General Assemblies in 2012 have been annulled by a court decision, therefore the Board has passed the following decisions:

1. Class 23, breeds in the recognition process

In this class all breeds and colour variations are exhibited that are still in the process of recognition. They can receive an “Excellent” and are placed, but will not receive title certificate. The cats are classified separately according to breed, colour and gender. They do not compete for the “Best in Show”

2. Class 24, Out of competition

Class for all cats which are exhibited out of competition.

3. Publication of the show rules on club websites

All WCF members are obliged to publish only the complete show rules. The publication of excerpts is not permitted.

4. In case of the change of the club-membership, WCF judges/judging pupils are obliged to inform the chairman of the judge’s commission within 4 weeks time.

5. WCF judges/judge pupils exhibiting cats.

A judge/judge pupil may exhibit cats that are his property or live with him in the same household, as “ Out of competition ”, if the judge/judge pupil is judging the show.

6. Judging Permit

A judge who is applying for a judging permit can only be licensed as Guest Judge (by special permission oft he Board and if needed), if he is Board member of a club or organization which is not affiliated to the World Cat Congress or is a contract partner of WCF.

7. Joint Shows

7.1 Joint shows with clubs that are not members of the World Cat Congress (WCC) or are contract partners of WCF, and invite judges, who are under suspension, or whose license has been revoked by WCF, are not permitted.

7.2 A license already granted for the planned Joint show loses validity when above mentioned case arrives.

8. The members of the Executive Board of a Non-WCF Cat Association are not accepted as members of the Executive Board of a WCF club because of the conflict of interest.

9. The Best Cat of WCF (WCF Olimpia) exhibition will be held once a year. Cats who take part in the competition for Best Cat of WCF, receive for their results triple points.

10. Recognition of the Arabian Mau

11. Recognition of the Burma in Silver, Smoke and Ticked Tabby
The Burmese in silver and smoke varieties and ticked tabby are recognized. An outcross with Asians is not permitted.

12. Recognition of the Aphrodite´s Giant

13. Recognition of the Deutsch Langhaar

14. Change of the haircategory of the breed British Longhair from semi-longhair to longhair

15. Recognition of other colors Original Longhair

The Original Longhair is recognized in all colors. The offspring of a mating Original Longhair Silver and Golden Varieties and other colors may not be used in the Silver / Golden breeding.

16. The region KAZ-020 is divided into 3 parts


Use of C-numbers

Because of recent events:

C-numbers may be used only by the club, who paid and get them. Any contravention results in disciplinary actions.

The board of the WCF e.V.


Amount of cats for international shows

Dear members!

We want to remind you, that international shows can only be recognized, if an amount of minimum 80 cats
are registered in the catalogue.

This is valid for every showday on a show weekend.(GA decision 2006).

For national shows an amount of 40 cats is necessary in the catalogue (WCF actual, 30/01/2013)

The board of the WCF e.V.



The requirements for WCF-Seminars have been changed, please follow this link:

Information – Seminars

The board of the WCF e.V.


Registration of Cattery names

Because of recent events:

Every cattery name of members of a WCF club and their attached subclubs have to be registered with the WCF.

Breeders, who have provably registered their cattery name in another organization, are permitted to keep their
name. Should the cattery name be elsewhere already taken, the country code must be added behind the name.

Only for WCF registered catteries WCF pedigrees can be issued.

With this publication every club has been given the possibility to register their non-recorded cattery names until
31 March 2016. Every (further) contravention will be punished.

The board of the WCF e.V.


Best Cat, new modification since 01.01.2016


Only cats with a pedigree with hologramsticker can participate in the Best Cat WCF.
The sticker must be fixed on the pedigree and a scan must be sent to
The owner of the cat must be a member of a WCF club.

Responsible are Mrs. Alicija Biadasz and Mrs Dorota Podleijska.

The board of the WCF e.V.


Dear members!

We would like to thank you for all the many wonderful wishes for the new year.
We will continue to work on us and work for you to make the WCF even better and more beautiful.

We wish you all the best and success in 2016

The board of the WCF e.V.