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Our forms (applications, confirmations, etc.) are regularly updated.
Please always use the latest versions that are available in the download area.

The Board


Updating the breed standards

The standards are regularly revised and updated on the website.
Please check from time to time whether they have been changed.

The following standards have currently been updated: BRI/BLH and SFS/SFL.

Judges- and Pedigree Registration Commission


Restrictions for Russia

The restrictions for Russia must remain in place, as the war has not yet ended and it is not possible to enter Russia.
World shows can be reserved again for the coming years.
These will only be officially authorized once the war and the associated restrictions have been lifted.

The Board


Best in Shows and WCF Fun Shows

With the number of special shows listed in the licences, we have noticed that the volume has now increased so much
(sometimes up to 15 fun shows with double judgement with only three judges !), that there is hardly any time left for judging.

In order to guarantee the time frame of the show duration (end of the show should be at 8 pm at the latest), the following criteria
must be observed from 01.02.2024 for online license applications:

  1. on show days with double judging and/or WCF special rings (Jubilee, Master) there is only one Fun Show per judge

  2. two fun shows per judge on show days without double judgement and special rings.

The same applies to the additional BIS for special breeds, please do not exceed a total of six BIS per day,
especially here the additional time required is always somewhat higher.

The Board


Increased points WCF Best Cat

In 2024, the WCC Congress will once again be organized by the WCF.
This event is something very special. We want to express that.

For this reason, we approved triple points for the WCF Best Cat at the associated World Exhibition in Thailand.

For this year’s Cat Olimpia, the highest competition of the WCF, the number of points has been adjusted (only for the year 2024).
All exhibitors who participate with their cats in this competition will receive quadruple points.

This is an exception to emphasise that the WCF competition is and remains something quite outstanding

The Board


Breeds / colours from other organizations at WCF shows

All breeds from the WCC can be accepted at WCF shows if the WCF club wants it.
Titles are recognized if the breed is registered in the WCC.
But the colours of other organizations are not accepted by the WCF.
For the Bengal f.e. only the original colour is accepted, no later colours, see standard.

The Board


Nominations at WCF Shows

At the request of the club, up to three cats can be nominated in each hair category,
but only of different colours or breeds.

The Board


WCF Fun Shows

No fun shows may be held at shows that are not on the licence. The clubs and judges who do so will be suspended.
Unfortunately, we have now received many reports of incidents, which is why only WCF judges are allowed to hold
fun shows and no student judges.

This regulation applies from 01.01.2024.

The Board


Christmas holidays WCF office

From 22.12.2023 to 01.01.2024 the WCF office will be closed, no mails will be answered or forwarded.
From 02.01.2024 we will all be back in the office, except Doris Reiter.
Mrs Doris Reiter will not be back in the office until 09.01.2024.
We wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!

The Board / WCF office


Server maintenance on October 19, 2023

Updates for the cloud server platform are installed as part of maintenance.
Due to a reboot, the accessibility of the affected servers will be limited during the period mentioned below.

Maintenance will be carried out in the following time frame:
Start of maintenance: October 19, 2023 from 00:00 a.m. (German time)
End of maintenance: October 19, 2023 until 6:00 a.m. (German time)

This affects both the websites at and the wcf-bestcat pages.
If errors occur after the end of maintenance, please report them to

WCF Website Admin


Newsletter No. 45

Dear members, dear judges,

our newsletter No. 45 was sent on September, 18th.
If you have not received it, please contact the WCF office.


Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF


Birthday wishes Mrs Molly Oliver-Sasson

We congratulate our long-time member, former General Secretary and respected judge
Mrs Molly Oliver-Sasson on her 100th birthday!

Here’s to many more fulfilling years and heartfelt thanks for the time you shared with us.

Anneliese Hackmann
and the complete Board of the WCF


WCF Best Cat

The migration is now complete.
The links on the WCF websites have been changed.
Some data will be added manually by the WCF Best Cat Support.
If you find that data is still missing or other errors occur, please contact support:
We thank you for your patience.

WCF Website Admin


WCF Best Cat

We have registered a new domain for the WCF Best Cat websites.
From now on, please use the internet address
The links on the WCF websites will be changed accordingly.
For support and contact with WCF Best Cat, please use our new email address from now on.
As the external IT team informed us yesterday, not all data has been transferred yet.
We are waiting with you for the final completion of the work and will report back to you.

WCF Website Admin


WCF Best Cat

On June 6th and 7th, 2023, the software and the websites at will be migrated to a new server.
During the migration, the websites and the software will be temporarily unavailable.

WCF Website Admin


Newsletter No. 43

Dear members, dear judges,

our newsletter No. 43 was sent on May 16th.
If you have not received it, please contact the WCF office.


Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF


Obituary Mr. Dmitry Khrolikov

It is with great regret that we have learned of the death of the President, OKLK “Sozvezdia” Moscow.

We will remember him with honour.

Our sincere condolences to the family and friends.



The Board


Exception regulation – Flaxen Gold – British Longhair and Shorthair

Flaxen Gold is provisionally recognized with the attached color description.
Titles can be provisionally recognized up to CAC/CAP.

The cats cannot be nominated for Best in Show and can only compete in the Variety ring.

Flaxen Gold - Preliminary color description



This rule is valid from now until the next General Assembly

The Board


Obituary Mr. Brian Edwards

It is with great regret that we have only today received official confirmation that Mr Brian Edwards passed away already in May 2022.

Mr Brian Edwards was President of the Ancats Association in Australia for many years and a much valued colleague from the WCF.

We will remember him with honour.

Our sincere condolences to the family and friends.

The Board


Nomination for the additional Best in Show

The following combinations of breeds have been decided and are valid from now on:

Abyssinian (ABY) – Somali (SOM)

Persian (PER) – Exotic Shorthair (EXO)

Nebelung / Russian Blue LH (NEB) – Russian Blue (RUS)

Turkish Angora (TUA) – Anatoli (ANA) – Turkish Van (TUV)

European Burmese (BUR) – Burmilla (BMS) – Burmese LH (Tiffany) TIF – Burmilla LH (BML)

All British, Longhair and Shorthair

All Scottish, Longhair and Shorthair, folded and straight ears

All Bobtail breeds, Longhair and Shorthair

All Rex breeds, Longhair and Shorthair

The Board


Obituary Mr. Klaas van der Wijk

Limited is the life, but infinite is the memory.

With great regret we have learned about the death of our international WCF judge Klaas van der Wijk.
With Mr. van der Wijk we lose an esteemed judge colleague, teacher and valuable human being.

Our sincere condolences to the family and friends.


The Board


Obituary Mrs. Vittoria Duchi

With great regret we have heard about the death of our great and long-time international judge and president of the AFI Club in Italy.
Mrs. Vittoria Duchi was an original member of the WCF and we will miss her very much.

Our sincere condolences to her family and friends.


The Board


Office closure Christmas to January 01st, 2023

Dear members,
the WCF office is closed up to January 1st, 2023 no inquiries will be answered.
Mrs. Hackmann is also not available during this time, please refrain from personal phone calls and WhatsApp messages.

We wish all members a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2023!
Your WCF office team


Newsletter No. 39

Dear members, dear judges,

our newsletter No. 39 was sent on December 07th.
If you have not received it, please contact the WCF office.


Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF


New regulation for the allocation of World shows

The board has decided the following:

  1. In principle, all clubs are given the opportunity to organize a World Show every two years at the most, but only on condition that no other club in the respective country wants to organize a World Show. If more than one club from the same country applies for a World Show, the allocation will be made in order.

  2. If the club is a former patronage club that has not been a patronage club yet for a long time before being confirmed as a full member at the General Assembly and has therefore not held all five shows with Supervisor, this club must first complete the five shows with Supervisor before being approved for a World Show.

  3. At least 80 cats must be present at each World Show.


This board decision, which has the character of a rule, comes into force upon publication and
will be submitted to the next General Assembly for voting.

The Board


Secretary General, working group secretariat

Dear members,

we have now carefully read all the mails regarding the appointment of the Secretary General and
after another board meeting we have come to the following conclusion.
We created a secretariat working group, consisting of 3 persons

Mrs. Cernova

Mrs Pepermans

Mrs Li

Please see the list for the areas of responsibility and the e-mail addresses of the individual persons:

Mrs Tatjana Cernova
Mrs. Cernova is responsible for all enquiries from Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
She also continues to handle all Jointshows.

Mrs. Brigitte Pepermans
Ms. Pepermans is responsible for all inquiries from Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and South Africa.

Mrs Qing Li
Mrs. Li is responsible for all enquiries from the Asian region.
Also she takes over all disciplinary procedures.

New clubs who would like to become a patronage club, please send their enquiries to the respective secretary and also to the WCF office.
Clubs wishing to become a contract üartner must still send their application directly to the office.
When applications are sent to the office, they will be forwarded to the relevant secretary.
We hope that you agree with our decision and we hope to work together peacefully and cooperatively for the best interests of our cats.

The Board


Agenda GA 2022

Dear presidents! Dear board members! Dear members of the commissions!

The agenda for our General Assembly 2022 is now available for you in the member area.

Anneliese Hackmann
President WCF e.V.


Obituary Mrs Irina Kondratyeva

Regretfully we heard of the sudden death of our International WCF judge and President of the Moscow WCF Club ZOOMIR Irina Kondratyeva.

Our sincere condolences to her family and friends.


The Board


Obituary Mr. Miroslaw Jarmuszewski

With great regret we have heard about the death of our International WCF judge
Miro Jarmuszewski.

Our sincere condolences to the family and friends.


The Board


Newsletter No. 35

Dear members, dear judges,

our newsletter No. 35 was sent on June, 24th.

If you have not received it, please contact the WCF office.

Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF


Information about the novice class

Dear members,

participation / results of the novice class from other clubs / organizations are not recognized by the WCF.

The Board


Non-recognition of online-titles

Dear members,

again we would like to point out that the WCF does not recognize titles that were/will be won on online shows.

The Board


General Assembly 2022, invitation and forms

Dear members,
The invitation and all necessary forms are now also available in our password-protected member area.

Anneliese Hackmann
President WCF e.V.


Statement of the Board

The political promotional video of Mrs. Rudakova has nothing to do with the policy of the WCF.

The WCF Board has not given Mrs. Rudakova any authority to use the name of the organisation for
her personal purposes.

The Board


Newsletter No. 34

Dear members, dear judges,

our newsletter No. 34 was sent on May 2nd.

If you have not received it, please contact the WCF office.

Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF


Restrictions on exhibitions in Russia

Dear members, dear breeders, dear colleagues,

We live in a difficult time, in an age of change.

We hope that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine will be end soon. 

The WCF is a peaceful organization, but we also have to follow the laws, as we are an association and have to follow the Statutes. We are not a company, not a commercial organization. 

The board of the WCF has decided that due to the ongoing Russian military actions against the Ukraine, no permits for world exhibitions and other exhibitions with special permission will be granted in Russia until further notice.

All approved national and international shows without special permission may continue to take place.

The World Show in Omsk was approved 3 years ago and and for various legal reasons, we do not have the right to cancel it.

In today’s circumstances, when people die every day, it is very difficult for all of us psychologically. But, we must remember that the war will end, and our love is endless. We will continue our work, we will save our little island of goodness and happiness for all of you.

Our appeal to all breeders in this world, please stick together and support each other.

Cats should bring friendship and joy.

The Board


Statement & clarification

Dear members, dear breeders, dear colleagues,

I would like to give you a short statement, as unfortunately wrong information from other competitive organizations is spread by Russian TV

For clarification:
WCF continues to work as usual and all clubs can continue as before.
Only World shows and shows with a special permission have been blocked until 31.03.2021.
After that date we have to see what the situation is and if everything can be allowed again.

We all hope that the war will be over soon and the people from Ukraine will be able to return to their previous life without any restrictions.

Please do not listen to any statements or calls, please inform yourself on our website under WCF-Actual.

Anneliese Hackmann
President WCF e.V.


Restrictions on exhibitions in Russia

Dear WCF members,

the World Cat Federation e.V. is a felinological organization and always stays away from political matters. Nevertheless, the unique geopolitical situation in Europe requires unusual and quick action.

I hereby inform you that all World Shows and exhibitions with special permission (= special license) in Russia will unfortunately be closed from 01.03.2022.
All used license numbers for this purpose will remain saved for the club.
If you have any questions you can contact our Secretary General.

Also no World Shows and exhibitions with special licenses can be provisionally approved for Russia until 31.03.2022. We have to wait until the situation calms down.

Info for our breeders:
The veterinary inspectorates of most EU countries have introduced the temporary derogations allowing refugees to cross the border from Ukraine to most EU countries with their pets; this applies to cats, dogs and ferrets. Pet owners do not have to present the normally required veterinary documents at the border, thus allowing Ukrainian people to enter the EU.

Our thoughts are with our friends and members in Ukraine and their pets during these difficult days.

Let us remember that we share a common passion, let us support peace and let us not create unnecessary divisions. The only acceptable duel is the fight and competition of our beloved cats at our exhibitions.

The Board


Onlineseminar “WCF-EMS Code & pedigrees”, next date

Dear WCF members,

another seminar „WCF-EMS Code/pedigrees“ in English will take place on 30.01.2022 at 16.00 (German time)

Please send your registration to Ms. Beverly Elian,

Registration form for download:

The fee of 15 Euro (regardless of the number of registered participants) has to be paid in advance.

Please note that the club number and the participation date must be included in the payment!

The Board