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Best Cat exists for adults, neuters, kittens, veterans and household pets.

This contest is open only for exhibitors, which are a member of a WCF-member-club.
Show season is from 01.01. to 31.12. of the appropriate year.

If a cat shall participate in the Best Cat, please sign up as competitor on

Interim results are updated regularly on
The requirement for this is that the organizing WCF clubs enter the results of the show into the Best Cat system.

If you need assistance or have any questions as owner or WCF club, please contact the Support.

Household pets LH and SH compete together in this contest for Best Household Pet.

Only the Top 24 daily results of Cats, Neuters and Household Pets will be counted. Only the Top 14 daily results of Kittens will be counted.

The show results of the cats of the first half of the year must be reported by September 30th at the latest otherwise the results will not be counted.
The results of the cats of the second half of the year must be reported by the WCF clubs until January 15th of the next year, otherwise they will not be scored too.

The final results of the preceding year will be published until the 1st april of the following year.

The WCF-Cat Olimpia-exhibition takes place latest until end of May of the following year, where the winners will receive their prizes:

1-15 place for adults
1-15 place for kittens
1-10 place for neuters
1-10 place for veterans
1-10 place for household pets

No other show will be licensed in WCF on this weekend.

Each member-club may apply for this exhibition, which will be also indicated in the show calendar.