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According to the decision of the GA August 1996 the following regulation is applicable for WCF judges
(Judges with WCF exams and / or judges with a WCF judge’s permission) without any exception:

  1. An examination after WCF regulations can only be held for a student judge if there is a written confirmation of the Chairperson of the Judges’ Committee. The latter presumes a correct application for the examination, including the date of the examination and the names of the examining judges. The application is forwarded to the office of WCF.
  2. It is not permissible for an individual to take more than one exam during one weekend.
  3. Judges with WCF examinations conduct examinations only according to WCF rules. Exceptions are possible only by
    permission of the office of WCF.
  4. WCF judges may supervise exams in other associations or clubs only after approval by the Board. Examinations which have nevertheless been accepted contrary to this rule are not recognized by the WCF.
    A disciplinary procedure is opened against the examining judge.
  5. Judges with WCF examinations take examinations only for student judges who are full members of a WCF club on the date of the examination.
  6. WCF judges (Judges with WCF exams and / or judges with a WCF judge’s permission) judge at WCF exhibitions exclusively according to WCF standard.
  7. Judges with a WCF judge’s permission keep absolute loyalty to the WCF.
  8. Judges with a WCF judge’s permission having recognized non-WCF examinations give examinations in WCF clubs only for WCF student judges only according to WCF rules. The membership of the candidate in a WCF club has to be certified by the office of WCF.
  9. Examination certificates, with all required documents attached, will be sent to the Chairman of the Judges’ Committee in order to confirm the regularity of the examination. The Committee issues the certificate and the WCF judges’ permission provided that the student judge is a member of a WCF club and the examination has taken place according to WCF rules.
  10. Any violation of these regulations, which have been passed in order to improve the reputation of our judges compared to other independent judges, will result in disciplinary proceedings according to the statutes of the WCF. Check before giving an examination if the requirements have been complied with. If not, you must decline the examination.