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1. Breeding experience

The applicant for the judge activity at the beginning of his activity as student judge

  1. must have breeding practice for at least 4 years with a registered WCF cattery
  2. must have at least 3 cats in his cattery with titles not lower than Gr. Europe Ch./Pr.

2. Knowledge of languages

The official languages for writing judge reports, for training seminars and international conferences are German, English and French.

The applicant must have knowledge of at least one of the other official judging languages besides his capability of his native language,
including spelling, grammar and punctuation.

3. Membership in a WCF-club

At the beginning of his activity as a student judge the applicant must have been a member of a WCF-club for at least 2 years
without interruption.

4. Application for admission as student judge

To be admitted to the training the candidate has to write an application in a free form to
the club whereof he is a member. Certificates for his activities as a steward, for his breeding practice and his membership
in a WCF-club must be enclosed.

The hair category, for which the judge qualification should be acquired is also to be indicated.
The training takes place only en bloc for every complete hair category, where the applicant can choose between:

  1. Longhair (LH)
  2. Semi-Longhair (SLH)
  3. Shorthair (SH)
  4. Siamese/Oriental breeds (SIA/ORI)

Simultaneous training in two hair categories is possible, however only in the combinations Longhair with Semi-Longhair and
Shorthair with Siamese/Oriental breeds.

The decision on the application has to be sent to the applicant by his club at least 4 weeks after receipt.
Is the application rejected, valid reasons have to be given.
In this case the applicant must have the opportunity to give a repeat application to be admitted to the training.

5. Preliminary examination about standard and genetics

The applicant is admitted automatically to the preliminary examination for the career as a judge when he gets
a positive decision on the application.

The preliminary examination is theoretical and contains 30 written answers to the questions of the catalogue of the preliminary examination,
of which 15 are of general nature and 15 refer to the chosen hair category.

The selection of the questions for applicants for two hair categories contains also 15 questions of general nature as well as 15 questions
to each hair category.

The preliminary examination is held by the responsible body of the club whereof the applicant is a member.

The preliminary examination lasts at most 75 (one hair category) or 105 (two hair categories) minutes.
The examinee must have a separate place which he is not allowed to leave for the duration of the exam.

The preliminary examination is to be regarded as passed if the examinee has answered at least 75 % of the questions correctly.
The result of the theoretical exam has to be presented in writing, it has to be announced to the examinee on the same day and
to the Chairperson of the Judges’ Committee of the WCF within 4 weeks.

The successfully passed preliminary examination entitles the applicant to start his activity as a student judge.
If the preliminary examination had not been passed, a repetition for the relevant hair category is possible once.

The official question catalogue for the preliminary examination, produced and published by the Judges’ Committee, will be given
to the applicant by his club on a written request so that he has enough time for preparation.